How Cleaning Out Your Closet Can Boost Your Confidence

How Cleaning Out Your Closet Can Boost Your Confidence

I believe that cleaning out your closet can work wonders for your confidence. Personally, even though I own a boutique and have access to new clothes daily. I still have stuff from years ago, like birthday presents, souvenir shirts, shoes that I love, etc.

For instance there is one pair of jean shorts I LOVED. They were my go to pair in the summer, they looked cute with everything. They didn't fit anymore. I still kept them. But when I would want to wear them, I would quickly realize they didn't look good on, they didn't make me feel good like they used to, it was time for something new. I broke up with that pair of shorts quick! 

When you open the doors to your closet, in a hurry and needing to pick out an outfit but you can't because you don't like anything you have it gets stressful ! I have done this many times, I would put a shirt on that I loved but look in the mirror and I'm like "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING BRITTNEY". I would do this like 30 times! Trying on, taking off, trying something else. It kind of turns into that scene from White Chicks - if you know what i'm talking about! I would then just settle with sweatpants and a t-shirt, and feel lazy all day. To be honest I see no shame in wearing sweatpants and a tee everyday. But a good outfit can definitely boost your confidence. Like A LOT.  So what I am saying here is that getting rid of all the clothes that you've been hanging onto, that don't fit, when you put them on you just say NO... break up with them! Go in your closet start from the beginning. Take each item, look at it and say "If I had to go somewhere right now, would I wear this?" If not then don't keep it! If you know it doesn't fit, don't keep it. Donate it to a family member, women's shelter, or even sell it on poshmark to make some extra cash. 

So when all that is done, and you have broke up with all the clothes that don't make you feel good - you should be able to walk into your closet and pick out an outfit easily, stress free. Knowing it fits, knowing it looks good, knowing it will make you feel good. I do this about every month, because yes I do some impulse buy and then it just sits there and I never wear them again, I just wanted them at the time.

When you can easily pick an outfit, and get dressed in the morning - it already starts your day off great because you didn't have to try on 20 things and get stressed out, you minimized you closet to what suits you! Also looking at the clothes that you know you love should instantly boost your confidence because you KNOW you have items you will love wearing. Is this making sense? 

Clean out that closet! Break up with those too small, too big, too tight, not cute clothes! Even it that leaves you with little to no choices, look at it in a way that you just saved yourself stress and you can always work on adding great items to your wardrobe. Make it easier and less stressful for you to get dressed and know that you'll love your outfit! 

I hope this helps, I hope you try it, do yourself this favor.

Let me know in the comments if you did, and what your thoughts are!  

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