My Favorite Self Tan Products

If you are like me... during summer you work really hard on your tan and just as soon as October hits, it's just gone. I am like "I put all this time and product into you and you just leave me like that?!". 

It's just time waisted, so I decided I will just stick to self tanner. I have tried spray tans, but they come out too dark sometimes, cost a lot more, and wash off too quick for the time and cost. So self-tanner it is! 

So since I was about 13-14 I have always been pretty adamant about keeping a beautiful glowing tan. I used to be able to hold a tan for awhile - I don't know what happened. Sometimes I slack off and know I am not going anywhere so I don't need to put on a tan, but typically I am always wearing self-tanner. 

So here is a list of some of my favorites over the years of trying so many. 

#1 St. Moriz Self Tanning Mousse (medium)

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This is my FAVORITE one ever! I love a lot of things about it, it goes on easily and dries very fast. Linked above is all you need for a flawless tan! A tanning mitt and the mousse. Believe me... you do not want to try to rub this on with just your hands, they will be stained for awhile. My best advice is to exfoliate before applying this one. Make sure your ankles and elbows are moisturized a little, because it likes to stick to dry skin and we don't want our tan to be obviously fake! Then all you do is shake the bottle and apply the mouse onto your skin and rub in circular motion. It doesn't really smell all that bad. Once rinsed, it's just a nice perfect tan. I always choose medium, because "light" is too light and "dark" is too dark. Medium is always a perfect color for my skin tone as I am not THAT pale. Once you apply one layer of tan, I recommend not going over it again because it could smear and mess up the tan. After you start to like the color you are getting you can rinse it off, I typically sleep with mine on and rinse it in the morning. I have loved this tanning formula to the bottom of the bottle. It is the best, I honestly only have one more to recommend after this IT IS THAT GOOD. I even wore this in a pool once, and no issues. If you are looking to buy one, just stop scrolling - I highly reccomend it. 


#2 St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion (medium)

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This one I use in rotation with the mousse above. It is the same thing - it's just a liquid and not a mousse and it is an instant tan rather than a tan that needs to develop. I use this one if I need a quick tan for pictures for the website or events. It does have a slight smell but not a bad smell. It also feels kind of sticky when drying but that quickly fades and will dry smoothly. You also need a mitt for this and can get this 2 pack here - I recommend spending the extra money on good quality ones because I have went through so many cheap ones. This one is the same as above, make sure you exfoliate, moisturize, and blend in a circular motion. To avoid streaking (from experience) let it dry, try to wear loose/minimal clothing if you can for just 5-10 minutes after drying, and don't put your clothes on within 2 minutes of applying. Super simple and effective prices and results.

Now I have tried a lot of tanning products and these by far have stopped my searching. But here is a list of a few others that were pretty good too! 

Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer 

Doubles as a slow developing tan + firming moisturizer. It does have a slight smell and application is similar for the above for it to be streak free. I still noticed some streaking with this one. 

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer 

I actually also liked this one because of how easy it is. All you have to do is before you dry off after the shower just rub it all over where you want to tan and i circular motion. Wait just a few to let it dry a bit and then pat yourself dry. Everyday of doing this you'll have a pretty consistent tan. Medium was never tan enough for me so I would always buy dark. 

 Sublime Bronze

Now this one is a good tan lotion that gives an instant shimmer and develops with use. It always worked and tanned really well but sometimes was way too dark. It has a smell to it as well as a stickiness for a little once applied, I am not really recommending this one but if you want a cheap dark tan fast.. this is it. Be careful with lotions like these, they can come out orange. 


Well, these are the winners of all I have tried. Everyone is different and for some these may work and some they may not. I definitely recommend that you get what you pay for, the cheaper tanning formulas are just a quick tan and take alot of time to get it going or they just come out to be too much. The St. Tropez line is a very goof price and product. There is some that can be $30+ and some of those are really good - I will be trying this one next. Despite the reviews, I have heard and seen awesome reviews on it. 

Let me know below if you are going to try any, have tried any or have any questions. 

xoxo, Britt.



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